When we were asked to brainstorm what to write for our investigative article, I admit I was at a loss. I was not sure what I wanted to look in to, so I thought about past articles I had read and had interested me. I finally, after a lot of thinking, returned to these two articles by The Real Cost of the Used Market and Owned by Pre-Owned by writers. I have had a growing interest in trying to learn about industries such as gaming and television, so the idea of digging in to know more about the used game industry intrigued me. I had read the first article back when it was first published, and the concepts brought up in that article had been in the back of my mind since then.

The idea that there was something to explore was cemented after speaking with my brother, who is an active gamer himself. We spoke briefly, more of a way of fishing into what I was thinking, and I plan to speak to him more formally, but his negative opinions of the gaming companies told me there was a culture or a feeling I needed to explore. It was these two instances that lead me down the path of what I am writing now.


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