More Research

I’ve gathered a number of opinions and articles about my topic, and have decided to share them all in one post. I’ve been trying to look into the percentage of games sold which, which I’ve found differing data on. That’s the first group of links I’m posting below:

Two of those links give studies that bundle used games and digital gaming together, which grabs my interest, because I would see them as two entirely different things.

Next, here are some links to the general state of the video game industry, starting with the most recent:

Even though I was searching about the company profits, I still found other articles that are going to be really useful for me. One of the best one’s was about an interview by executive vice-president Mike Mauler of Gamestop. Gamestop is the biggest video  game store and earns much of its profits from used gaming. So to find an interview with his take on the issue was very useful:

Then there were the more general pieces. The first one listed is a report on the impact of used video games on the industry. The second is about about a new company called PostalGamer, which would work  Netflix and give participating companies “a 10 percent cut of sales generated by their titles from their catalogs.” The last two articles are more pieces on views and analysis of the used gaming industry.

The last article I leave you with is from 2002, when Amazon was first starting to allow people to sell used books online. It was some of the little information I could find about book authors/publisher being angry with used book sales, but there was not much beyond that point. Nor could I really find anything about dvd used sales.

That was something I had been curious about, why did used video games matter when I had not heard much about issues with used book or used dvd sales.

Those are the links I have for you, and tomorrow I should be putting up a small excerpt of the article I have so far.



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