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Gathering More Articles

So far, I’ve been working on gathering more articles that have already been written on the topic.

This video shows one person’s perspective on how to fix the issue of used games, which is definitely up the alley of what I would like to explore in this article.

Here is a recent article from about 7 days ago, talking about the percentage of used sales makes up the gaming market. I must say that I was surprised while reading this article. I did think that the percentage would be higher.

One line from this article interests me. The beginning of the article talks about how copyright law makes selling used games completely legal. Plus he discusses solutions that companies have tried.

Here’s a final article that I have found so far.

All these articles tell me what I’ve already known I need to research in – the profits of the video game companies. So that is the next direction that my research will take, and probably what my next update will be about.